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What does Oscar mean?

Operating Software Container and Report being a system of exploitation management for Container Terminal operations.

Oscar Web

Applied on the Intranet, the web permits all the users to be precisely informed about the evolution of container moves once entered into the Terminal, whether land- or seamove.

Nevertheless, the system also allows the exploitation of a range of more detailed information, only concerning the inner Terminal.

Each option of the web in fact concerns a group of operators relatively well defined by their functions, attributed to them. 

Oscar Graphic Yard, with the 6 Java modules permits the management of :

  • the conception of the workable park.
  • the workable space of occupation of a container terminal.
  • the reservation of these areas, distinguished as per a joint suitable factors ( Import / Export / Transhipment ).
  • the visualisation of the reserved areas.
  • the assigning of the geographical sectors for specific machines.
  • the visualisation of the containers on the SETV park.

Oscar Graphic Vessel, with its 8 Java modules permits :

  • the vessels' characteristics calling our Terminal.
  • the verification of integrated information on discharge and loading.
  • the respect of the guidelines on the operations and if necessary the contribution on the modifications resulting on the discharge and load operations of a vessel.
  • assistance during loading.
  • the shiftings of containers on a call, which are destined for another port.


Please note : thanks to the modules of Bayplan and Letterplan, we are constantly phasing with the actual activity.



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